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THE TRENDS is an innovative media company who is a one-stop easy-to-use media place to quickly access the definite reach empowering innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses. It is investing its resources and providing solutions in ways that help communities realize the transformative potential of media and technology to solve problems, improve business and to create opportunities. The Trends is focused on to help building brands and growing companies through cost-effective marketing techniques.

The Company was found by Mr. Madhur Mahadik in 2018. Mr. Madhur Mahadik has had a diversified expertise of 10+ years in distinctive business domains which embraced many entrepreneurial ventures as well. Mr. Madhur Mahadik has also provided valuable counselling to many start-ups across different incubation centres. Mr. Madhur Mahadik realized since the very initial phases of business only that no business model can survive in today’s competitive markets without using proper advertising to reach the clients. Mr. Mahadik’s marketing advice “What isn’t in client’s sight won’t be in his mind!” has become Mantra for some successfully running start ups.After depth research and many marketing trials in 2012 across different marketing platforms such as Television, Outdoor, Digital, Radio, Print etc. Mr. Madhur Mahadik inferred that in many given scenarios the results for the print media surpassed other advertising platforms in terms of actual sales results while other are more effective in building brand image. Although the results from print media were greater but at the same time, it is a costlier medium due to contributing expenditures such as paper, printing, distribution, transportation, people (reporters, content writers, editors, staff) etc. Thus, pushing the cost for advertising to highergrounds.

The print media sometimes squanders the advertiser’s investment by its large base distribution. The non-local approach doesn’t help advertisers with focus on concentrated locations, thus they end up opting multiple local newspapers which adds up in their marketing budget. So just to cover a specific area unnecessary advertisement campaign hits the whole city. Sometimes to counter these issues companies also use pamphlet insertions in newspapers for specific locations but due to lack of transparency and its negative impact on brand image, it isn’t a viable option either.  To counter these problems Mr. Madhur Mahadik started The Trends and by virtue of its products company addresses all these locality bracket hiccups and provides solution for many marketing problems faced by start-ups, businesses and SMEs. The Trends is set to give a new direction to thr media industry!

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