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In our internet-crazed world, attention is drawn in a million different directions at once people multi-task through every day, in a single 5- minute span, it’s like wasting precious time in searching best articles, videos, still there are so many distracting materials, but Our newspaper contains selective articles which can help people improve knowledge, skills with our best articles, because we cover a wide range of interests, including Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Wealth, Education, Career, Business, Real Estate, Household topics, Food, Travel, Devotional, Politics, Local Topics, Current Affairs, News, Art, Kids, Book Summary, Success Stories, Sports, Entertainment, Etc. There are special offers, great ideas for living and amazing discounts, so no matter what the occasion, we’re confident you’ll find something that suits..

We are trying to offer 100% cashback on a subscription fee, free movie tickets, free cab rides, and various special discount coupons of supermarkets, shopping malls, online shopping sites, various brands and stores, etc. to subscribers as subscription benefits. We also designed a referral Programme for subscribers. Also we are giving Free Sample products to our subscribers.

In the times of huge marketing bubble where everyone is trying to sell something and where every approach is regarded as some form of marketing gimmick, it has become quite difficult to communicate a proper advertisement to a proper customer in need. The Trends came to life just to simplify this communication of a brand or product to its concerned consumer. The need of a locality based adverts had arrived decades ago but it has never be addressed in a proper manner. What we do is cover your local targets that too without any compromise of brand image. Every day we see pamphlets or other form of insertions
falling out of newspaper which makes us think about the standards and genuinity of products portrayed by these insertions, but what to do there is no other proper way to address a particular locality. What is the fun of giving unnoticeable ad in a city newspaper when your target is few kilometers??

We help you to avoid the hassle of poor standard display of pamphlets and get your ad in the Newspaper for that concerned locality which makes it mandatory for people of that locality to have a look so as to know the happenings in their home surroundings. That
also rises huge curiosity among them to see what is being offered/sold in their vicinity hence give you an ample opportunity to present what you have to offer them. Our newspaper covers all activities of these local vicinities as well as the event we organize for them.
The reader’s attention is ample to magnify your product.

• A Low and Safe Investment
• Immediate Returns
• Fixed Minimum Income and Potential for Huge Earnings
• Partners with Majority of National and International Brands
• Exceptional Initial and Ongoing Operational Support
• Huge Marketing at National Level
• Recruitment and Training
• Material like Pamphlets, Canopy, Banners, etc*

• Investment:
Fees: Rs. 50K + GST
Deposit: Rs. 1 Lac (Refundable)

• Earning Opportunities:
Advertisement Sale

• Minimum 5 Years Resident of Particular Locality
• Conduct Promotional Activities
• Manage Distribution
• Maintain Brand Value (T-Shirts, Caps, Shoes etc. to employees)
• Report to the Company


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